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Our Classes


We run street and open gas, 2.5 street diesel, Hot 2.5 diesel and  'Run What Ya Brung."



2022 reaches midpoint


Classes range from 5500-20,000 lbs, see Rules page for details.

Steel City Pullers

Truck & Tractor Pulling



whether you pull a truck, tractor, or prefer to watch, there's a place for you at Steel City Pullers. General Admission is $5, hook fee is $20/hook.


Established in 2007, Steel City Pullers set out to create a place where pulling enthusiasts could gather to compete on a budget.


Our pulling events are held at the West Alexander Fairgrounds, conveniently located on U.S. Route 40 in West Alexander, Pennsylvania.

That makes 3 pulls in the books for 2022.

Our July 16 pull at West Alexander was delayed a bit by rain, but we still had 61 total hooks.

Now we begin the fair season of pulling. We will be at the Jacktown Fair July 21-22, and then Washington Fair for their antique pull August 12, the truck pull August 18 and, finally, the farm stock tractor pull August 20. The next Steel City Pullers event is August 27, with regular classes and start times.

Check out the schedule/results page for details!