Steel City Pullers
2016 Pull Schedule
 Trucks: 2 p.m. Tractors: 4 p.m.
May 28
June 11
July 2
July 30
August 6
Sept. 24 - Ethan Day Mem. Pull
Welcome to the home of Steel City Pullers!
The Steel City Pullers host truck and tractor pulls throughout the summer at the West Alexander Fairgrounds in West Alexander, Pennsylvania. Pulls begin in May and end by October. Classes range from street stock gas to smoke belching diesels to "Run What Ya Brung" in the truck divisions. Tractor classes range from speed limit pulling for the close to stock tractors to the not-so-stock, "too hot to farm" tractors. All tractors and trucks are welcome to participate. There are no restrictions in terms of when the machines were manufactured. Tractors built in the 1930s, such as the Farmall M, are prevalent at the track just as much as more modern tractors like the International 1066, John Deere 4430 and even the occasional Allis-Chalmers D-21.

The 2016 season is just around the corner. Our schedule for the year has been set.

Additionally, our spring gun bash is a little later this year, May 21 to be exact, so be on the lookout for tickets in the next couple weeks.

Stay tuned to the webpage and Facebook page for future developments.

RULE CHANGES FOR 2015 (See rules page for complete rules):

All MPH classes must now run OEM-style injection pumps. No inline pumps unless factory equipped.

The 10 mph classes will be running with on-board RPM monitoring, so those planning to run in those classes needs to get the appropriate sensor, wire it up, secure the wire exposed along the outside of all sheet metal, frame, etc. and mount it into a 3-prong electrical socket in order to hook up with the monitoring device that will be on the sled.

Results are posted for the entire 2015 season. Stay tuned to our web page, as well as Facebook for updates on other events throughout the off-season and the 2016 season!

Stay up to date throughout the year by liking Steel City Pullers on Facebook!

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