Steel City Pullers

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We run street and open gas, street diesel, 2.6 diesel and  'Run What Ya Brung."



Pull #4 Is August 6!


Classes range from 5500-20,000 lbs, see Rules page for details.

Our Classes



whether you pull a truck, tractor, or prefer to watch, there's a place for you at steel City Pullers.


Established in 2007, Steel City Pullers set out to create a place where pulling enthusiasts could gather to compete on a budget.


Our pulling events are held at the West Alexander Park, conveniently located on U.S. Route 40 in West Alexander, Pennsylvania.

Truck & Tractor Pulling

Entering the dog days of summer, our fourth pull is scheduled for August 6, weather permitting. Take note that, although we are still starting at 2 p.m., the pulling order will be different, with details announced on the day of the pull. Tractors will most likely start the pull, with truck classes added along the way to allow the tractor guys & gals to throw weights.